How We Work

We love it when our customers already have ideas about their furniture, perhaps having pictures from things they have seen on the internet or in a magazine.  Likewise, we also get really excited when you don’t have a clue and want to pick our brains and start from scratch with a design.  You alternatively might be working with an architect, builder or interior designer and they are working with your design brief.  However you approach the ideas phase there’s a few pieces of information that would be really helpful if you could have on hand:

  • Approximate dimensions of the piece, or of the space you want to fill.
  • Any photos or pictures you are using for inspiration.
  • An idea of colour scheme.
It’s not until we have completed the initial design process that we are able to give you an idea of what your furniture will cost as there are so many variable factors.  You can, however, be sure though that our pricing will be very competitive, yet never compromising on quality.  We can talk you through cheaper alternatives if need be  – perhaps using a veneer instead of solid wood, using less elaborate handles or looking at our designLJ range for your kitchen.  Talking money is never easy but it’s part of our collaborate process to ensure you are comfortable with our work from start to finish.

This is where your ideas really start to come to life.  One of our designers will arrange an appointment with you, either on site or at our showroom in Chipperfield.  They will take any measurements that are required and confirm your ideas with regards to design, colour schemes, finishes etc.  They will then develop your design on paper – either traditionally hand drawn or, for larger jobs, using CAD.

Your furniture gets scheduled for manufacture in our workshop from the point at which we receive your signed Terms & Conditions and initial deposit.  Our lead times are generally 12 weeks and you are more than welcome, by appointment, to come and see your furniture being manufactured in the workshop at any point.  Our project team will also liaise directly with yourself or designated third parties with regards to job progress, delivery and fitting dates.

As your delivery date approaches the project team will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to deliver and, if required, fit your furniture.  We do offer a “supply only” service if needed but prefer to use our in-house fitting team to ensure our impeccable high standards are not compromised.  You also have the benefit of knowing that you can contact us at any point in the future should you need.

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