You may already have some very clear plans about your furniture design or perhaps you’ve got some ideas from looking on the internet or in magazines you want to show us. You may be working with an architect, interior designer or builder and have handed the design aspects over to them. Some of our customers have no idea what they want at all, other than there’s a space they want to fill. Whatever your approach to bespoke furniture design we’re here to help.

We would love for you to come and visit our showroom and join us for a cup of coffee whilst you discuss your ideas with one of our designers. We don’t employ a sales team as we simply don’t need one. We believe that if you care enough about your home to want a piece of bespoke furniture that you deserve face to face time with someone who may actually be making it, as opposed to simply being interested in getting a sale.

You are also more than welcome, by appointment, to visit our in-house workshop and see our skilled craftsmen making your furniture. From the initial raw piece of wood to the finished product installed in your home, you can be confident that every step of the delivery of your design will be to the highest quality.